Nice Words

Jessica is everything I wanted in a midwife. She is the perfect balance of being careful and detailed in her care, while also gentle and respectful of my wishes as a mother. She keeps up with current research and is always willing and able to answer any questions I have. I'm so thankful to have had her as my midwife especially for my first child, because she gave me the confidence I needed to have a beautiful homebirth. I'm forever grateful!

~ Corrie ~

Jessica attended two of my births--and I am so glad she did. I felt 100% confident that my babies and I were in good hands. She is a wonderfully soothing presence and a total badass at the same time. I am so lucky for the care that we received from Jessica. A unicorn in the midwifery world ❤️

Jessica was part of my care team for the birth of my second child. She has the most calming presence, is extremely attentive, and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend her as a midwife!

~ Kelli ~

We struggled for years longing to have a healthy pregnancy. After over 10 years of trying, it happened. We were expecting! We decided on our birth plan and chose Jessica as our midwife without a second thought. There was no other choice for us! Even though we had never had a full term pregnancy and baby for her to deliver, she was an already a incredible source of support in our journey through the years. She walked along side us as much more than a professional as we lost all 4 babies. She helped explain medical jargon I was given by specialists, she grieved with me through each loss, and rejoiced with each new pregnancy. She referred, listened, gave resources, and most importantly she helped me keep hope at the forefront. When the time came for us to deliver our little miracle we rejoiced together. She was attentive, incredibly knowledgeable, and she knew what I needed even when I didn’t. I don’t know of a more well balanced midwife. In all her experience and education, she is still able to come down on our level and alongside us to be present for us emotionally. We are so grateful for her!

~ Summer ~

Jessica was an amazing healthcare professional and personal support for my first pregnancy. We planned for my dreamed-of homebirth. When I developed terrible preeclampsia and other health complications, she supported us through the process of changing expectations and difficult decisions. Once at the hospital, she did an incredible job of making a hospital birth as similar to my vision as possible. I will forever be grateful for her role in taking what could have been a traumatizing birth story and guiding it into one of love, empowerment, and safety.

~ Jade ~

I can't say enough good things about Jessica. My family was very unsure about me using a midwife but I had done my research and knew I was in good hands. Not only was Jessica a nurse long before becoming a midwife she was also a lactation counselor which was very important to me since I wanted to breastfeed. I successfully breastfed two baby boys for a total of 6 years with her support. Jessica was there for me during my baby blues of my first baby and my full blown postpartum depression of my second child. I was never a number on a chart. She always took the time to really connect with me. When I was a first time mom she answered all my crazy questions. But what will always mean the most to me is how she let my oldest help out during the appointments. He got to help find the babies heart beat and take mommies blood pressure. My oldest still talks about it. It took a few extra minutes but made memories that will last a lifetime.

~ Jamie ~

Jessica was everything I hoped for in a midwife. During pregnancy she was extremely informative and knowledgeable, and truly listened and affirmed with my preferences for an unmedicated birth. During labor, she was an extremely calming presence in the room. She balanced kindness and firmness perfectly! Sometimes you need a kind reassuring word and sometimes you need someone to lock eyes with you during the hardest part of pushing and firmly remind you; “Your body was made to do this! You’re not going to break!” 

It was such a relief to lean on her years of expertise during the entire process. 
I highly recommend her to all my friends, especially the ones who want this experience but think they could never handle an un-medicated or home birth. You just need someone empowering, advocating, and working hard for you along the way! And Jessica is that midwife! I was privileged to have her again with my second baby in 2016! If you’re looking for a midwife, she is the absolute best in her field!

~ Sophia ~

Jessica is a one-of-a-kind midwife. When we started thinking about home births with our first child we just knew she was the one. After doing clinical job shadowing with Jessica I saw first hand how kind, compassionate, and hard working of a human she was. On top of that I quickly recognized that Jessica practices evidenced-based medicine in the most beautiful way - and so when it came to having our own babies, I knew that I would want no one else but Jessica to put my and our new baby’s life in their hands. Our first baby was not able to be birthed at home due to medical complications that we were made aware of at about 36 weeks and Jessica did everything in her power to make my c-section the best that it could be. Everything that I wanted and needed I had because of Jessica - skin to skin immediately after baby was born despite being in the operating room, vaginal seeding, family surrounding me very soon after the birth of the baby, and my husband and Jessica in the room the entire time. For our second baby, all I wanted was to have a vaginal birth! And Jessica helped me make that happen. It was the most beautiful, empowering, and soul-lifting experience. For our next pregnancy, Jessica was doing my first ultrasound and gave us the exciting news that we were going to be the parents of twins! Jessica through the entire pregnancy was calming and gave us the tools to make every decision we needed to make in regards to birthing the babies. I successfully birthed both babies vaginally without interventions and Jessica had a very significant part to do with the successful and healthy birthing of our twins (vaginally!) I trusted Jessica with my life and the life of our babies through pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum and I would absolutely recommend Jessica to any woman who is looking for a midwife who will help you bring your child into this world in a peaceful, calm, and safe manner.

You were THE reason my first birth went how I wanted it to. No, it wasn't at the birth center like I wanted and yes, it was in the hospital which I didn't want, but it was all natural and that was my ultimate goal. Even when transition was so hard and I demanded Epidural, you advocated to ME for the birth you knew I wanted and I was able do it completely unmedicated! You made my husband feel so at ease and confident in your abilities that he agreed to a homebirth for our second. That time, you came in the middle of the night to check on me before you went home from another birth and ended up sleeping on my couch since things were so slow. You were so patient and yet insistent that we needed to get things moving before I hit the 48 hour mark and needed to go to the hospital. You pulled out tricks that I didn't know existed (and that I wished you didn't know either at the time) to help speed up the longest transition ever. I was able to have my dream birth in my own home, thanks to you. You are 1000% the one I would choose if we decide to have more babies and I would recommend you to everyone I know as well! Thank you! ❤

~ Chelsie ~

Jessica is absolutely incredible and I cannot recommend her highly enough! Jessica was my midwife for my first and second baby and she was an incredible pillar of support, comfort, and calmness during pregnancy, labor, and beyond. She made it a point to be holistic in her care and always took the time to see how I was doing while also answering any questions or concerns I had. She was excellent at educating and communicating during the entire process. Jessica was exactly who I needed when I was in my most vulnerable state. I knew I could always trust her knowledge, intuition, and for her to always be evidenced based in her care. I am forever grateful for all of the genuine love and care she showed me, my babies, and my husband. I truly believe God helped me find her when I was so discouraged with my previous care provider in my first pregnancy. She has made a lasting impact in my life, and whoever receives care from her is receiving such a huge blessing!

In a crisis situation where both my baby and I were in danger, Jessica and her nurse helper quickly took action and rescued both of us with no issues.

~ Rebecca ~