What We Do

What We Do

Home Birth

Giving birth to a child is a safe, normal, peak experience in the life of a woman. Your body is brilliantly designed to give birth, and a midwife’s job is to monitor the process, educating and empowering you and your loved ones along the way, and to intervene only when necessary. For many women, the best place for this to occur may be at home. In your home, you are most comfortable and have the intimacy available that your body needs for safe, normal birth.  

Free Consultations

Interested in home birth or what a midwife has to offer?  Contact us for a free hour long discussion by phone, zoom or in person.

Prenatal/postpartum care for hospital births

If you have a health condition that makes a hospital birth your safest option, or if you prefer to give birth in the hospital for any reason, Primrose Midwifery is still happy to provide prenatal and postpartum care for you. 

Women’s healthcare

There’s a secret in Missouri: Midwives take care of women for their whole lives! Whether it’s a pap smear, yeast infection, breast questions, work physical, helping a young woman navigate her first period or helping a mature woman navigate menopause, or just checking in about your overall health, we are here for you. 

Family Planning 


Achieving a healthy pregnancy

The technical term for getting help before you get pregnant is pre-conception care, and it is one of the most important things any woman can do to have a healthy birth. Did you know a baby’s organs are all formed by 8 weeks of pregnancy? That means how you start out before you even know you are pregnant has a huge impact. We counsel on nutrition, check for infections or deficiencies, talk through your hormonal health and signs of fertility and more to prepare you for healthy pregnancy.

Care between pregnancies/recovery from birth

Birth is likely the biggest event your body will ever go through. Whether you are planning to get pregnant again right away, wait a bit, or even if your family is completed you need to recover from birth and return to your optimal health. Primrose Midwifery has many resources to help you thrive in your post-birth body.

Avoiding pregnancy

There are many options for avoiding pregnancy, both short term and long term, beyond The Pill. We can help you decide what may work best for you, including Fertility Awareness Methods, hormonal contraception, and non-hormonal contraception. 

Newborn care

Primrose Midwifery offers well baby care through the first four weeks of life, including newborn screening, 

A la carte services 

  • Ultrasound- limited ultrasounds available: dating, checking for early heartbeat, position check late in pregnancy
  • Pregnancy confirmation- including documents needed for employers, insurance programs, etc
  • Referrals- helping you access physical therapy, and specialists in many fields
  • Birth tub rentals
  • SneakPeek Early Gender DNA Test - find out if you are having a boy or a girl as early as 7 weeks through a simple blood test.